A Fistful of Fire

Tales of loathsome tyrants and prophesied saviors aren't nearly so appealing when you are a royal bastard with a prophecy hanging over your head.

A Fistful of Earth Is Here!

The sequel to A Fistful of Fire is finally here!

Right now, it costs $4.99 US for the e-book ($14.99 US for the print version). That e-book price won't stay—it'll soon be going up to $6.99, so get it for its low, limited-time price while you can! $6.99 US for the e-book, and $14.99 for the print version.

You can buy the print book from CreateSpace or the e-book from your preferred vendor (though B&N is acting oddly at the moment, so if that's your preferred vendor, I recommend waiting until the cover shows up there):

But note: If you get e-mail updates to this blog, or if you're on a RSS reader, all that is run by FeedBurner, which seems to be dying. So you'll want to update the method you use to keep track of what's going on here, if that's what you use.

Thanks, and enjoy!

This web novel is listed in Web Fiction Guide and Muse's Success. (Both are directories of online novels, stories, etc.)