Tales of loathsome tyrants and prophesied saviors aren't nearly so appealing when you are a royal bastard with a prophecy hanging over your head.

News 5.01

It's been awhile since I did one of these "news" posts.

So. Here's the news:

First, thanks to everyone who's bought the e-book. I'm not sure how many of you are still reading the blog form, but I know of at least 1 person who is. Thank you.

Second, welcome to all readers who've made it this far. I'm glad you're enjoying the story!

Third, I am working on making a print version available, but I don't have a date for when that'll be ready yet.

Fourth, you actually are not supposed to add -ly to ordinal numbers, which is why I'm not using that "firstly", "secondly", etc, on my list.

Fifth, you might've noticed that the "comments" section looks a bit different now. I'd hacked the default Blogger comment widget to repair an ugly-appearance thing, but I've been having an incredible number of problems lately, trying to comment on other blogs, so it occurred to me that there might be a problem on mine. Thus the DisQus installation. (Which is quick and painless, and hopefully will work as well as it seems to be so far.)

Sixth, we're into Part 5 of A Fistful of Fire. There are 7 parts total. The last post of the story will go up 7/7/11.

Seventh, I've been making progress on drafting the sequel for A Fistful of Earth and will probably have a contest when it gets closer to done. Which will probably be a month or three.

Thank you, everyone! :)

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