Tales of loathsome tyrants and prophesied saviors aren't nearly so appealing when you are a royal bastard with a prophecy hanging over your head.

News 3.01

A Fistful of Fire is for sale!

I'm using Smashwords as my primary distributor, and what formats I'm able to check look okay. I can't, however, check their Kindle converter, because the Kindle app can't run on my computer. Could someone who buys a copy kindly verify for me that it looks decent?

I hand-coded a copy of the novel for Kindle, which should be going live any minute, but I still want the Smashwords one to be a good example.

If you're an old fan from FictionPress.com or FanFiction.net, or you've helped me with A Fistful of Fire, please contact me before buying. (Note: FP or FF folks can leave a comment with their usernames below for me to contact.)

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